Value-based pricing may suit your services …

So what is all this value-based pricing about then? If you sell professional services, or your expertise, then the only way of measuring what you should charge your customers is the amount of your time it takes to deliver what they have asked for, isn’t it?

Well, not necessarily.

Many products and services that we buy are priced according to the value that they provide, or add, to us.  If it’s our wedding anniversary we may choose to visit an expensive restaurant, and pay a significant amount of money for a meal.  If we’re just ready to eat something because it’s dinnertime, we are less likely to spend a fortune.

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Five ways to raise quotes that suit your way of working …

Many businesses need to issue quotes or estimates for their prospective clients.  Very often standard systems offer only a basic option that requires you to perform all the calculations externally, and manually, and then transfer the details to a simple form letter or email.

We appreciate that the process of building a quote takes a lot of time and very often needs to be revised before you issue it to the customer.  Therefore, we offer significant flexibility over how you build a quote, and how you control margins and profit.  This ensures that you only issue quotes that will result in profitable orders.

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Suitable business systems or a favourite pair of slippers?

We all like familiarity.  It makes us feel comfortable and in control, which are both good places to be when running a business and working with business systems!

However, when it comes to your software and systems, becoming too comfortable or familiar with one system or another can have a couple of unintended and undesirable results.

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Why the Cloud doesn’t bring rain …

This post first appeared on the Sage Business Expert Blog on 19th November 2015

What can I use the Cloud for?

Nowadays, pretty much anything. Not only can you sign up for Accounting or Customer Relationship Management applications in the cloud, but with the use of integrated office systems like Microsoft Office 365, or Google Docs, you can genuinely run your entire business from a tablet.

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